Delivery Process

There are TWO different ways to receive your new bundle of joy.

The first option is Via cargo .*This option is the most popular*

The Air cargo option will require your puppy to be picked up at the international airport closest to you. Although the flights can be arranged as multiple stop flights, we do not recommend this way of shipping as it puts too much stress and fatigue on the puppy.

The Air cargo has space designated just for pets. Therefore, it is safe and comfortable (air – conditioned) for your new puppy. For many years, ” Mini Teacup Puppies ” worked with Air cargo and we have never experienced any incidents . All puppies are delivered promptly.

When payments are finalized, the flight will be booked. After booking the flight , an agent from cargo will contact you via telephone or email to confirm the flight . The agent will also inform you of the time and date of the arrival of your puppy.

The final step is to simply pick up your puppy from the closest airport.

On average, a customer will receive the puppy within 3 – 7 days from the date the payment is finalized.

The second option is personal delivery. ( Nanny Service )

An experienced pet transporter will fly with your puppy in cabin at all time .

This service can be booked for the puppy to be delivered to any location. We will personally deliver the puppy to your nearby airport and hand deliver the pet in the arrival area. This option will require extra charges depending on the destinations, delays can occur during transport as we do not have control over airline cancellations. The nanny will keep in touch with you the whole way until she/he delivers the puppy to you.

Also , please note that you have the option to pay the full amount all at once if you are paying via bank wire or credit card.

Why does the delivery process take 3 – 7 days?

Once the payment is made, the puppy will need to get a final vet check to make sure the puppy is safe to travel. Booking process generally takes up to a week. Mini Teacup Puppies Team has the right to delay the delivery date if it risks the puppy’s health. We take our time to make sure all shipment and delivery are successfully processed to the right address and to provide the appropriate puppy you purchase in perfect good health. Our puppies safety and well being is very important to us and we expect that from our costumers.

Exceptions to our Guarantee

Nothing delights us more than knowing we were able to bring a healthy, happy puppy to you. We do seek out your help to ensure your Home is a small good enough for raising all of our puppy underfoot and lovingly socializing them for their forever homes. We offer some of the most beautiful and sought puppies. My wife and I would like to welcome you to our site… As early as I can recall, my love for this wonderful breed began as a young child. Mother “introduced” me to the Maine Coon after arriving home from the hospital, when she decided to place three of her queens into my bassinet. Later in life, Mom went on to explain how she grabbed her camera and took pictures of me with her three breeding queens nestled into my bassinet. This has always been a treasured story growing up as a child. Dogs has always been part of my life until I left to join the military and marry. After leaving the military, I came home and was devastated to learn that Mother’s health had deteriorated and was no longer able to breed. Needless to say, I was determined to continue breeding the puppies. Unfortunately for me, my mother petted out most of her breeding dogs, which left me the job of finding new bloodlines. Thankfully at the time, I was able to locate a dog breeder who sold me my very first foundational breeding dogs. remains healthy. Here are a few measures that will help:

Send us a copy of the examination (medical record) within 2 business days of receiving your puppies. The examination must be performed by a licensed veterinarian. Your puppy will come with up-to-date, age-appropriate vaccinations, so make sure you do not vaccinate within the first ten days of receiving your puppy.

The daily healthcare and maintenance of your pet, including all the recommended immunizations and examinations.

While we de-worm and vaccinate your puppy till the departure date, we’d like you to continue proper de-worming and conducting regular exams up to 16 weeks of age or more (or as recommended by the veterinarian).